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Financial management services

Cash flow planning and management for retail, wholesale and service provider companies.

For effective company development

Financial management

Whether your company is in the development phase or already has many years of experience, it’s definitely possible to improve its business results. Our specialists will conduct an individual financial analysis at your company and make recommendations on how to improve cash flow so that you can achieve your goals more effectively. We offer a full range of financial management services, from creating a business model and calculating the cost of goods or services to calculating the company’s profitability and implementing changes in practice.

Small changes in business can help you achieve surprising results, just like in the story of American Airlines, which was able to save more than $40,000 a year by reducing the portion of a passenger’s salad by one olive.

We believe that every service or product a company offers should be high-quality. But this doesn’t necessarily mean working harder. Often the only thing you need to do is more effective cash flow planning.

Efficient use of resources

The same resources available to a company can be used in different ways. We’ll help you model situations and the cash flow resulting from them so you can use your company’s resources efficiently.

Financial management and
analysis services

Work more efficiently, not more frequently

Why you’ll like working
with us

The wide and varied experience of our specialists will help you save precious time and resources to achieve your company’s financial goals more quickly and efficiently.


Our specialists have more than 15 years of experience in tax, accounting, financial management and related matters.


We guarantee confidentiality for every collaboration partner, regardless of the form and duration of collaboration.


All Innovatio Capital specialists hold professional indemnity insurance.


We are always up to date on legal amendments and regularly attend courses and seminars.


We offer the possibility to organise regular meetings in person or online, as well as to collaborate only in the performance of a specific task.